Resolution to Minimise Stress in Life

Resolution to Minimise Stress in Life

This New Year you can take the resolution to cut down stress in life. A stress less life is just like the new beginning when you have lots of promises to keep and miles to go before you sleep. Little bouts of stress act as encouragement but when stress becomes chronic it becomes hard to avoid the condition. This can lead to negative conditions like depression, insomnia, heart ailments, obesity and the rest. This is when you have to look out for the reasons of having stress in life.

Too much of working and the least of rest causes stress. When you are not exercising and your standard of diet is poor there can be stress in life. To get rid of the condition you should try best to spend time with family and friends and Roberta Lee is of the opinion that in the way you can really make life stress free the right way. You cannot think of life without stress. It is inevitable and it is always there even if you are trying hard to stay stress free.

You can combat stress perfectly through rest and relaxation. Socializing is also the way by which you can step out of the condition and feel so light. Whenever, you get the opportunity you should take a break and move out for a vacation. Some days of pure outing will make you feel light and energetic. In fact, you deserve the stress free treat in life and this makes you so full of vigour and energy. However, you can take the resolution in groups and this way you can help your friends and peers who are going through similar phases. This way you can really make a stress free world to live in.

New Year Resolution to Stay Happy in Life

This is the time when you should take the resolution to stay happy in life. Happiness is more than a medicine and it can cause the major revolution to help you feel the real life essence. When you are happy you can mix well with others and happiness creates that difference in life and performance. When you are happy you can work well and this way you are always ready to help others in the best possible way. In fact, when you are helping others you can feel the happiness increasing.

Happiness is always best for the health. People with positive emotions have the greater risk of heart disease. When you are not happy you feel gloomy and this can be a reason for you to have a heart attack. Having positive emotion can make you more resilient and even resourceful. So when you are serious about staying happy in life the sort of resolution is sure to help you be bin the best of physiological and psychological state. This is the time for you to relish and rejoice at the same time.

Resolution to Quit Drinking

People who are alcoholic should take the resolution to cut on the beverage. People who are talking about the health benefits of alcohol are in fact talking in air. Too much of tippling is the biggest problem in life. These days, binge drinking has become the tendency. When you are drinking excess alcohol there are chances for the neurotransmitter in the brain to get affected. Thus, you tend to become more depressed in life and there are cases of memory loss and seizures. When you are drinking more your liver is at a risk and you can suffer from more things like disease of the heart and hypertension.

Heavy drinking can even cause mental sickness and stroke. Alcohol can lead to cancer in the mouth and there can be cancer even in areas like liver, throat and breast. In fact, alcohol is the silent killer. It is always there to disrupt the human physiological mechanism. So this year it is time to make a resolution in style and step out of the bad habit at the earliest. Alcohol will kill you in bit and in this way there are chances of your social and family life being destroyed.

Resolution to Sleep Better this Season

You should take the resolution to sleep better and sleep more this year. In case you have a perfect sleep at night there can be changes in mood and one is sure to appear more fresh and energetic. Sleep is advantageous for the health and you should realise this truth at the earliest. When you don’t have the right amount of sleep you can suffer from obesity and there are chances for you to get affected by Type 2 Diabetes. Sleep is also necessary when you want to make your memories stronger. This is the process known as consolidation. So when you feel right you can take a nap and feel great and healthy.

Take the Resolution to Travel Far and Wide

When planning for a travel you become open to lots of advantages. Travelling helps in increasing the level of confidence in life and with this you are sure to have lots of rewards and joys through vacations. Just set out to travel all of a sudden. Make this a part of the New Year resolution. Travel to the hills and travel to the sea and this will make you experience the level of mental relaxation.

If you want a change from the monotonous life setting so make a travel plan at the earliest and in the way you are sure to stay mentally fresh for most of the time in life. You spend money on so many things unnecessarily. Therefore, it is no harm in saving cash for a tour so unexpected and sudden in life. When you get stuck in life and you cannot get out of the boring routine, travel can make you feel so fresh and you return confidently to the main stream of life. Travel is the healer and travel is the confident booster.


So here you have the set of New Year Resolutions to have that drastic change and transformation kin life. A promise in life can change the meaning of existence and this way you can do good to yourself personally. A resolution is easy to make but hard to keep. However, you should walk that extra mile and work hard to enliven your existence and make this year a learning experience. This way you can even set an example for the others and they can share a part of the effect of the resolution that you have made.