New Year’s Traditions From Around The World Part 2

New Year’s Traditions From Around The World Part 2

This is the second part of “New Year’s Traditions From Around The World” article, if you haven’t checked the first part please refer that article to learn lot of information about the New Years Traditions.

Ecuador New Year for You

Do you know about the Ecuador norm of New Year? This is the festival all about scarecrow burning. They fill the scarecrow with papers and then it is set on fire at midnight. This is a unique show to watch and lots of spectators stand in queue to watch the special show of scarecrow burning. The people even have the custom to burn the photos of the last year. In fact, all things are done in the name of good fortune. Ecuador New Year is special and it is the most effective way of spending the New Year.

New Year Occasion in Spain

On the New Year occasion of Spain people believe in eating grapes. In this case you have to put in 12 grapes inside the mouth and that too at the time of midnight then it is believed that you have achieved the good luck for the upcoming year. In this way the people in Spain stay assured to be in the best of health and mind for the rest of the 364 days. It is the Spain tradition to spend the New Year with fruits and good wishes.

Philippines New Year Specialty

In Philippines people believe in having round things on the New Year occasion. They also believe in the concept of cash. The people have the belief that all things should be round to bring good luck and prosperity. This is the reason they have the norm to gift coins due to its round shape. The round shape is the symbol of wealth. Everything should be round at the point of time. They believe in round food, round clothes and the rest. In fact, things are fine as long as they are round.

South American New Year Fashion

The South American New Year fashion is so unique. In some of the South American countries it is believed that in case you wear colourful underwear you are sure to have good luck for the rest of the year. In fact, the coloured underwears will determine your fate the right way. In case, you are wearing red underwear it means that you would fall in love. If the colour of the underwear is golden then you are sure to have wealth this year. Moreover, the white underwear will make you stay peaceful for the rest of the year.

Japanese Style of Celebrating New Year

When it is New Year in Japan the people believe in ringing bells. They ring the bell for 108 times and this has connection with the Buddhist belief that ringing of the bells causes cleanness. Japanese also feel it right to welcome the New Year with a smile. When you smile and move to the New Year you are sure to have good luck all along. This is the best way one can embrace time and wish that the coming year would be filled with all things good and special.

Peru New Year Festival

There is the Takanakuy Festival in Peru and this is celebrated on the occasion of New Year. At the end of the month of December the villagers of Peru believe kin settling disputes as they want to start the year with all happiness and friendship. This is the perfect way one can start the year like the clean slate. It is not right to fight and carry on the disparity to the next year. In fact, all faults should be corrected in time and New Year should  commence with all good wishes and good feel.

New Year Dropping of Ice Cream in Switzerland

Switzerland believes in dropping ice cream on New Year. They drop the ice cream on the floor and try to make it a yummy New Year. This is the traditional way the people of Switzerland would wish to have the perfect New Year celebration with the good taste and good feel. People love the essence and the exotic New Year feel and dropping ice cream on the ground is a special way to welcome the occasion with all sweetness. It is the creamy feel which makes the year so special and now you can spend the rest of the year absolutely smoothly.

Romanian Method of Coin Tossing on New Year

Coin tossing in Romania is considered to be special. On the tossing of the coin the New Year is expected to turn good. The Romanians also throw the extra coins straight to the river. This is sure to bring good luck and better fortune. Once the coins are thrown into the river you know that luck will come swimming to you in order to wish you all good luck and fortune. The coin sport of the Romanians is all so special. Throwing of the coins into the river is sure to help you have money in the impending days.

The Puerto Rico Throwing of Water on New Year

Do you know what happens in Puerto Rico on the occasion of New Year? People throw buckets of water from the window with the belief to drive away the evil spirits. This way one can get rid of the bad elements at the earliest and spend the rest of the year with good feelings and piousness. People at the place are highly divine and they believe in all things godly. This is the reason they believe in the elimination of bad spirits and bad thoughts.


The method of celebrating New Year is always special. In fact, all people have the peculiar way of celebrating the occasion in their own style. Some people are known to throw breads and others believe in burning scarecrow to usher in good luck. In this case it is best to follow the New Year traditions being maintained in the entire world. The traditions are unique and true and they reflect the norms of the world to commemorate the occasion with all specialty and uniqueness.