New Year’s Traditions From Around The World Part 1

New Year’s Traditions From Around The World Part 1

There are innumerable New Year traditions being followed in all parts of the world. In all parts of the world people love to celebrate New Year with the best of zeal. On the calendar this is the date to mark the transition. However, you have the best set of customs and traditions being followed in New Year. Here, you can go through the list of some of the most interesting ways and traditions being maintained at the point of time. In England New Year is celebrated with all specialties. The custom here is to make people feel worthy with the amount of warmth and hospitality.

The Gifts the Guest Should Bring

In England people believe that the first guest who comes to the house would bring lots of luck and good fortune. However, the guest would have to be a male person. However, the visitor has to come through the front door and have in hand some of the most traditional and exquisite gifts like a kitchen loaf and even a drink for the elderly person in the house. The guest can also bring an amount of coal to set fire and without one of these gifts the guest would not be allowed to enter the house.

Tradition in Denmark

These are the gift items which the English people feel can bring good luck and fortune throughout the year. In Denmark the norms are slightly different. Here people keep piles of dishes and these have to be broken dishes kept at the entrance of the home. To do this the old dishes should be kept in store and then on the occasion of the New Year these dishes are thrown on the doors of the friends. This is the best way to exhibit sense of brotherhood and friendship. In case you have the most dishes outside the door you are likely to have more friends.

Custom of the Chinese People

The Danish people are also found to leap on the chairs at the time of the night. However, things are different in China. The Chinese have the best way of celebrating the occasion of New Year. In China when it is New Year the fronts of the houses are painted in red. The red colour stands for happiness and good luck. On the day the Chinese people will keep away all the knives and tools as they don’t want people to get hurt on the special day.

In case someone gets cut or injured on the New Year’s Day in China it signifies that all good lucks are gone. The Chinese are known to have great feast during the day and the taste of the items are unique and special.  The Chinese even have a special way of serving the foods. They love the way foods are being displayed as this is the sign of family hospitality and you are made to feel so special and taken care of. The red painted doors look so special and attractive and all the guests love peeping in.

Brazilian Tradition for New Year

For the Brazilians lentil is something to signify affluence and possessions. This is the reason they make foods by using legumes. One is served with legume soup or legume rice on the occasion of New Year. On the evening of the New Year the prettiest woman is dressed in blue or she can even wear white as this is considered to be the most auspicious day. The white dress makes the woman appear like the Water Goddess and she is made to appear all so stunning and gorgeous. There is also a sacrificial boat and it is decked with the special and the costly items.

The boat also holds flowers and candles and these are from the beach of Rio de Janeiro. The boat is then made to go to the ocean and this is sure to bring lots of health, wealth and happiness throughout the year. The custom is unique and people at the place are made to feel so special during the New Year’s Day. All of them have special things in offer and in the way they can really make people feel on the top of the world on the special occasion.

Austrian Norm of New Year Special

Austrians have the best way of celebrating New Year. They feel to have the good luck charm in the suckling pigs and for the reason the creature is best served on the dinner table. These are the edible pigs and they appear so appetizing on the plates. The food is served with peppermint ice creams and these are being served as deserts for fortune. The Austrians love the taste of the special dish and they are always ready to share the food with guests coming to their home. Moreover, the serving of the ice cream as the desert is sure to make the tongue feel so special.

German New Year Tradition

For the Germans lead is extremely auspicious. They put the molten lead into the cold water and in the way the formed shape is able to predict the future. In case it acquires the shape of the heart this is the form to symbolize the institution of marriage. The shape is also there to bring good luck to you and in case it takes the shape of an anchor this is sure to tell you about the sad death of someone special in life.

Mode of Belgium New Year

Belgium New Year is smart and pious. This is known as the special New Year Eve or you can even call this St. Sylvester Eve. These people love arranging for the family parties and on the occasion everyone can throw kisses and exchange greetings in the fortune form. In fact, this is the moment to raise the toast with the aspiration to welcome the New Year in the most personal style. In Belgium the children are interested to save the cash in order to buy decorative items for the home. In fact, they find the occasion to be suitable to gift things to the elders.