New Year’s Eve Celebrations – Christmas & NYE Activities

New Year’s Eve Celebrations – Christmas & NYE Activities

Every New Year brings hope for people across countries and continents. In some countries this day is ushered amidst snow and icy winds while in others it is celebrated under the sunny sky and warm breeze. Though countries might have different climates on New Year’s Eve the spirit of celebration stays universal and spontaneous. People irrespective of their community and language welcome this day with unbridled gaiety and immense hope.New Year's Eve Celebrations

The celebrations for New Year begin on 31st December night and carry on till the next day. In many countries New Year is an extension of Christmas with a frolicking week from 24th December till 1st January. This one week is a time for merriment, an opportunity for coming together, an occasion for family and friends to greet and party. This one week of revelry transcends ideological beliefs, language barriers, and ethnic divides. Streets of US cities are illuminated in ornamental lights and decked in colorful décor of Christmas trees, streamers, bells, illuminated stars and confetti. Cities and towns are transformed into a magical zone of lights, colors, music, and revelry.

New Year’s Eve Drinks

Christmas & New Year Activities

There could be no New Year’s Eve party without beverages. Both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are served on this special day. Champagne and cocktails flow freely on this occasion. It is customary to taste a little bit of wine or cocktail on this occasion.

Champagne cocktail – Pomegranate, raspberry and sparkling champagne are the ingredients that go into making this red colored refreshing cocktail. Only chilled glasses should be used to make this champagne cocktail. Cocktail glasses are kept inside refrigerator for at least 4/5 hours or till they are frosty. Pour 2 tablespoonful of pomegranate juice into the frosted glasses. Then add raspberry syrup in small scoops and pomegranate seeds. Pour in chilled champagne to fill the glasses.

Champagne etoile – This cocktail is a preparation of sparkling wine. Syrup of split and scraped vanilla bean with sugar is prepared by boiling them in water. The boiling is done over medium heat till entire sugar gets dissolved. Once cooled, the bean is to be discarded. In a flute pour two tablespoon of this vanilla syrup and add a Bourbon shot. Then fill the flute with wine and squeeze lemon juice.

Bubbly French 75 cocktail – This is a champagne and vodka cocktail with a distinct bubbly effervescence. One ounce of vodka, one tablespoon of lemon juice, and one teaspoon of sugar are put inside a cocktail shaker with ice and shaken well. Strain the liquid into a flute and then fill it with champagne. Add a lemon or orange twist and maraschino cherry for garnishing.

New Year’s Eve champagne punch – Champagne and ginger ale are the primary ingredients of this cocktail. 2 quarts of fresh orange juice, 1 quart of orange sherbet, 2 liter of ginger ale and 1.5 liter of champagne are needed to make this preparation. All these ingredients must be chilled before being mixed together. The quart of orange sherbet is placed inside a large bowl, and then orange juice is poured over it. Ginger ale follows next, and lastly the champagne. The mixture is then gently mixed to form a foamy cocktail. It just takes 5 minutes to prepare this delicious drink.

New Year is always looked forward to with immense hope and anticipation. As the future is largely undefined so the first day is celebrated with joy and laughter year after year.