New Year Decorations – Ideas For New Years Eve Party

New Year Decorations – Ideas For New Years Eve Party

The first thing that comes to mind while thinking of this day is New Year Decorations. Not only houses are decked up, but also parks, community halls, public places, thoroughfares, hotels, and commercial complexes. Decoration sets the mood for New Years Eve and New Year. Be it your home or the streets, city after city gets ready for this occasion. A cheerful setting with festive ornaments provided the perfect backdrop to this great occasion.

New Year Decorations idea for homes – Mood for celebrations begin at home. Hanging bubbly balls inside homes is a novel decoration concept. An inexpensive yet attractive decorating option for indoors is simmering streamers. These could be easily made from leftover holiday papers cut into circles and then threaded to form streamers. Putting up illuminated signs at the entrance is a novel idea. The sign could be your house’s address, your family name, or a ‘welcome’ note. Illuminated sign looks best if it snows outdoors. Sparkling balls when placed inside flutes arranged in different corners and centre tables gives the impression of champagne bubbles all around.

New Year Decorations ideas for the outdoors – Outdoors also provide an excellent platform for decorations. LED path markers in different colors and shapes are ideal for footpath, and driveways. Twinkle icicle set hung at the main entrance, or in the lawn appear inviting. Guests would appreciate to see lighted grapevine reindeers placed inside your lawn or on the sides of your driveway. Large shatterproof ornaments in red, blue and silver would appear superb if hung in strategic places.  In winters, especially when its snowing, illuminated snowman surmounted on a LED rope lamps make even the gloomiest night warm and pleasing. New Year decoration is never complete without stars. Illuminated stars in golden and silver could be hung all around for a complete appearance.

New Year Dining

1st January and the night before is party time for millions across the world including the Americans. There is no place on the earths’ surface where this occasion is not celebrated with fanfare. Integral part of this grand party is food and drinks. New Year party is never complete without either of these. Party without food is just like a midnight mass where people gather to listen and greet. Parties in New Year are the best places to try out new recipes. While preparing food, several considerations need to be taken. Food preference of school going children would certainly be different from adults and the elderly. Then, while preparing food for special occasions, certain traditional dishes are compulsorily made. The number of members attending a party is another vital determinant of the dishes to make. Some recipes are ideal for house parties, while there are preparations that are more suitable for community parties. Plenty of enthusiasm goes into the preparation of food items for a New Year party.

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Grapes – The eating of grapes on the stroke of New Year is a tradition going back to 1909. With every strike of the gong a grape is eaten, so that with 12 strokes 12 grapes are eaten in total. According to popular belief the taste of grapes foretells the 12 months of the New Year. If any grape turns out to be sour, then the corresponding month of the year is believed to be sour too.

Legumes – Preparation of legumes such as peas, beans, and lentils is customary in New Year’s food menu. Legumes symbolize money, more so because of their shape. As they swell when soaked in water or cooked it symbolizes increase in wealth. In United States cowpeas or black-eyed peas is popular.

Green vegetables – Cabbage, chard, kale, and collard are among the green vegetables cooked on New Year’s Day. These vegetables have the appearance of folded notes and hence they are considered good omens. In the US, recipes of chard are usually prepared on this occasion. It is believed the more greens you eat the more fortunate you become.

Fish – Fish is considered a lucky item on New Year. Cod, herring, sardine, and carp are popular among the masses. Fried fish, fish with chips, smoked fish, and fish with boiled vegetables are served to guests and family members. The Church also advocates eating of fish rather than red meat on religious holidays. Eating red meat on such days is not considered holy in many places.

Pork – Though pork belongs to the category of red meat, recipes of this is common on 1st January. Pig symbolizes progress. Before it pushes forward it roots itself to the ground so that it stays stable. Roast suckling pig is the most popular item served on New Year. The rich fat content of pig stands for prosperity and wealth.

Cakes – This dessert item is served across the world on this day. In fact on all days from 25th December to 1st January this food item finds place on every dining table. Such is the importance of cakes. Specialty about these cakes is that they are always circular or round in shape. Ring cakes are also common during this season. Fruit cakes, donuts, donut shaped pastries, and rich plum cakes are some of the varieties available on this day. In many places it is customary to hide coins inside a cake, and those getting these coins are considered luck for the coming year. Eating cake on first day of the year signifies that a household would never face food shortage throughout the year.

What not to eat – There are certain food items that should not be eaten on New Year’s Day. Lobster and chicken are never advised on this day. Lobster moves backwards and implies setback throughout the year. Chicken in also discouraged as this bird is known to catch backwards before moving ahead.